The Sit Command just like professionals do it .


Obedience training starts at the age of 5 months for the pup to be ready physically and mentally to receive training successfully , otherwise dun be discouraged if the pup actually forgets the commands you taught to him as they tend to easily get distracted before the age of 5 .

This course consists of 5 commands which are Sit , Stay , Down , Heel and Come , we will be discussing the Sit command in steps to make it as easy as possible for new owners .

First command : Sit

This command goals is for the dog to sit straight , looking forward with out changing position , for any period of time and without a chain or leash .

1- Start by putting a leash on the pup .

2- Walk the pup in different random directions .

3- Stop walking and order the dog to set .

4- Gently put your hand over the back end of your pup while pushing down slowly but firmly .

5- When the pup sits cheer him up with some petting or a small dog treat .

6- Break the sit command by saying (walk) and start walking again in random direction .

7- Continue to give the pup the sit command and when the pup gets used to it , increase the time it takes before you give him the reward 6 seconds at a time till you are able to reach 5 mins .

8- Remember that the pup shouldn’t be able to achieve a 5 min sit command from the first session it will take about 4 to 5 sessions for the pup to achieve that time .

9- Remember that you will need to repeat that session twice every week for 3 week then once every week for 2 weeks till the dog makes it a habit of his .

10- Each session is no more than 12 mins as that is the time for focus span of a pup , try pushing it a little further and you will see a disobedient pup as it will get either bored or lose his interest .

11- Remember that what makes a dog intelligent is actually you and though the abilities of dogs may vary from one another , all dogs are trainable and able to achieve high obedience level if you give some effort .


Just in case you wondered what type of treats you may need , you can use and home made food such as Sausage or Baloney , strips of red meat or chicken or even if you feel like spoiling him some Milk bone dog treatsĀ 

Hope you enjoyed the topic and found it easy , for any question concerning the topic please, feel free to contact us .

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