Baby dog food .


Newborns , these little critters are usually as weak and cute as it gets ,they totally depend on you for everything especially if they lost their mother or their mom won’t feed them , either for a state of mind she has got into or some kind of lack of experience .

At this stage it’s all on you buddy you have to provide them with a mother milk replacement that helps them grow and also provide enough substance for their immune system .

Alright at this stage you are probably wondering what does immune system has to do with them ? why not just go for any milk replacement that helps them just grow ?

the answer is simple .. if you ever had a dog or read a little about them you would know that dogs are given vaccinations at the ages of 6-8 weeks for (distemper, measles, parainfluenza ) these three diseases that infect dogs , while measles are the least of your concerns as it’s highly treatable and rarely deadly  , parainfluenza is just a secondary worry despite being deadly since there is a low chance of infection with this disease , what you should be really worried about is distemper .


while there are many viral diseases that infect dogs distemper is controversially the king of those viral infections , it seems to have no boundaries or means of protections against or a 100% solid treatment against it once it infects a dog , it’s a 80% chance of morbidity (it’s just brace your self and pray this dog isn’t a gonner) , and we here are  talking about adult dogs yet alone a newborn puppy with almost no immunity  , so chances of survival here are pretty slim to non existent , and a mixture of both distemper and measles means absolutely zero immunity against distemper  , yet it’s a rare occasion to see it infecting puppies below 6-8 months .. ever wondered why ? .. No ! , it’s not the puppy fairy guarding them , a more reliable creature is being depended upon for these circumstances , its the good ol’ Mama! .

Dam’s (Dam is the pampered word for Bitch) milk fire up their immune system for that period of time until 6-8 weeks when they usually take the vaccination against distemper , it’s a rare occurrence to see a puppy infected by almost anything at the breastfeeding stage as the puppies gain passive immunity simply by taking antibodies from their mother’s immune system (which by the way has already developed antibodies for distemper using the vaccination she already took at young age ) .


Now that you know the importance of immune system for newborns lets get to how to achieve both good immunity and nutrition .


While it’s easy to get formulas that achieve high nutrition for puppies and even help the puppies immune system  , there is just one wall that science doesn’t seem able to breach and that is diarrhea ,

it’s seems while no puppies develop diarrhea from their mother’s milk , some puppies develop diarrhea from formulas .

Now one must ask them selves a very logical question … so what if they get diarrhea as long as they are having the nutrition and immunity they need , the answer is simple, if they get diarrhea they will lose liquids more and despite having the nutrients they need , their belly can’t seem to hold the food enough time for their digestive system to make use of the food they are getting , So what to do ? simple ! although a newborn may develop diarrhea from one formula it won’t develop diarrhea from all formulas thus if one formula doesn’t work for you (and that is a rare occurrence if you are using decent formulas) dun get frustrated other formulas will surely work (I myself in the long run have yet to see a puppy that has over 3 formulas that won’t work for it )  and by formulas i mean mother’s milk replacement  (Although I am not a fan of the work milk replacement as it is in some good products even better than the dam’s milk for having more nutrients and companies are competing against each other to provide more nutrients for the pups in order to dominate the consumers market more <simple business logic > ).

So Zaki what Formulas do you recommend in such cases ?

rest assured my fellow dog owners i wouldn’t leave you in the darkness…..

Here is a lost of all the newborn formulas that I have used and provided me with very good results arranged from my most preferred to mildly preferred <these products are all good and do provide very close nutritional values while taking in mind the newborn digestive system so they don’t get diarrhea> and this list is just what I have noticed to bring more results to me regarding healthy growth and taking in mind the budget factor .

First : Royal Canin  (complete replacer )

This one is my personal favorite it’s gotten me some real nice results but it’s kinda heavy if you are on a low budget , but worry not my friend there is other products that  I have noticed to bring forth similar results .


2nd : PetAg ESBILAC

 (that one is my go to if a puppy stomach goes angry , it’s easy on the digestive system )


this one brings very similar results to the previous recommendation , so why isn’t it in first place ?

simply ! caus it doesn’t contain ash or fibers which is why it’s very easy on the digestive system but newborns do need very small amounts of ash and fibers , thats why the results are very similar since the nutrients are very close .

3rd : PetLac (this one is a mini version of royal canin )

it’s alittle cheaper it has all the nutrients of royal canin it even increases iodine the only reason this bad boy is on 3rd place is that the nutrients is just a tiny bit lower that royal canin .








I really hope you enjoyed the topic and please if you have another piece of info that you may want to add or tell me please check the contact us page and do tell me and i would gladly add it to the topic or in further topics .

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